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Is ozone dangerous?

The benefits of the ozone gas cannot be gainsaid. The gas protects the earth from the electromagnetic rays of the sun. You will appreciate the fact that it has also been widely used in many areas including laboratories, hospitals, industries and even in our homes. In fact, some of these institutions have their own ozone generators as it should be manufactured on site. Removing the chemicals that may be present in the vegetables and fruits grown using pesticides is some thing that we definitely cannot ignore. However, it would be important that we ask the weighty question: is ozone dangerous? Moreover, if it were, at what levels would it be appropriate for usage?


It is important to acknowledge that ozone is found in the stratosphere far away from the surface of the earth. Electric sparks passing atmospheres with oxygen can generate it. In fact, this happens every time there is lightning striking the earth. Nevertheless, the levels produced in such instances are too low and do not last for long. You however have some ozone generators manufacturing quite substantial amounts of ozone.


It would be important to acknowledge that in low concentrations, ozone is not harmful to plant life and humans. In fact, you will hear stories of users of ozone cleaners whose lives have been changed or asthma patients whose breathing has improved. This actually carries some weight in truth as the cleaners remove the pollutants in the air thus easing the breathing of asthma sufferers.


However, note that when exposed to ozone for long periods, the gas would have detrimental effects if not carefully controlled. This therefore underlines the importance of using air purifiers and ozone generators in the right manner.



Low and high levels of ozone and their effects on animal life


Basically, ozone levels below .04 ppm will not be harmful to animal life except fungus, virus, bacteria and mold spores.


However, if exposed to high level of ozone, it produces health complications. It actually has been known to reduce the functioning of the lungs. In addition, it is known to result to inflammation of airways as well as increasing the respiratory symptoms like pain during deep breaths and coughs.


Moreover, high levels of ozone would worsen lung diseases like asthma, thus increasing the use of medication as well as the frequency of medical visits. One of the most serious effects of Ozone is the permanent alteration of the lung structure if one is exposed for long periods to relatively moderate levels. This would definitely result to the lungs aging prematurely thus worsening chronic diseases of the lungs.


In addition, ozone is known to increase the sensitivity of individuals to allergy triggers like pollen and mold when it is in high concentration.



Effect on vegetation


As stated earlier, low levels of ozone may not have serious effects on the plant and animal life. However, exposure of ecosystems and vegetation to high levels of ozone has adverse effects. It actually could cause the reduction of the agricultural crop as well as the yield of commercial forests. In addition, it would reduce the growth as well as the capacity of tree seedlings to survive. In this case, it increases the susceptibility of the plants to diseases, environmental stresses and pests. The timeframe within which these effects are manifested may differ with varying species. Overall, you will be sure about the recreational areas and natural parks’ natural beauty decreasing. When long lived tree species have been exposed to high levels of the gas, the effects may actually take some time before they are exhibited. However, they are more pronounced and will be in the long term.



Ozone safety


It is unfortunate that even as it becomes evident that high levels of Ozone have adverse effects on plant and animals, some ozone generators have undertaken to do just that. There are issues pertaining to the exposure limits imposed by various government agencies. However, it is important to note that interpretation, establishment and the implementation of the limits vary with the states and provinces.


You will acknowledge that ozone poses serious of fire as well as explosion. Due to the strong oxidizing properties, the ozone will easily react with materials that are combustible. Nevertheless, on its own it poses no risk of burning.


There are conditions that you should give a wide berth when you are using ozone. These include intense heat and light flashes, shock waves and electrical sparks.



Low and high levels of ozone and its effect


Ozone concentrations are measured in ppm (parts per million). The lowest value of ozone that sensitive people can detect with the help of smell is 0,001 ppm. In natural environments, the levels are between 0.001 and 0.125 ppm. However, this depends on local atmospheric conditions and altitude.


Basically, ozone concentrations below 0.04 ppm are not harmful to humans but they are harmful to fungi, viruses, bacteria and mold spores.



0.001 ppm

The lowest value detectable by hypersensitive people. Too low to measure accurately with electronic equipment.

0.003 to 0.010 ppm

The threshold for when an average person can detect ozone in clean air. These concentrations can be measured with good accuracy.

0.001 to 0.125 ppm

Typical levels of ozone that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. These levels vary with altitude and atmospheric conditions.

0.200 ppm

Prolonged exposure to humans does not lead to any symptoms or injuries.

0.300 ppm

At this concentration, the first symptoms occurs to humans. Nausea and irritated throat is the most common

4 ppm


Concentration when using our OZ-2G ozone generator.

25.00 ppm and above

Ozone concentrations that are immediately dangerous to humans is unknown but based on animal studies, levels of 25.00 ppm can be lethal at 60 minutes of exposure.




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