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Remove smell

Smell or odor is caused by one or more volatile chemical compounds that humans perceive by the sense of olfaction. Everything we smell are molecules given off by bread in the oven, onions, flowers, perfume or whatever. Those molecules are generally light, easy to evaporate chemicals that float through the air into our nose.

But not all smells are pleasant and are caused of harm-free materials. There are also the bad odors. Generally, when we smell an unpleasant odor, it is like a warning of something dangerous. For example, when we smell a foul odure, automatically that would remind us of pollution or something dirty. We should be alerted because they are dangerous to our health. 


Bad odor as a sign of health threats

Molds and mildew give off an unpleasant odor. Medical experts warn us that those yellowish fluffy materials that develop on damp parts of the house such as sink, shower room, window panes and any other moist places in the house are potential health threats. Molds are forms of bacteria that are green, brown, gray or black in color. Black is said to be the most dangerous type. Since they are bacteria, they contribute to the unpleasant smell inside your room and typical bleaches and air fresheners cannot completely remove these stubborn molds.

Only ozone from ozone generators can totally remove tough molds and prevent them to pose a threat to our health.


Control Smoke-filled Environments

Many people are growing more conscious with cigarette smoke. Usually, customers would prefer restaurants or shops that do not smell cigarettes. Regular air fresheners cannot totally eradicate the cigarette smoke odor and would drive customers away. 

Ozone from ozone generators is the most effective air purifier and freshener that would eradicate unpleasant cigarette smells in no time.


Enjoy Moments with Your Pets

Pets are adorable. The sight of them would brighten our day or lift our moods. But our dogs or cats are also potential odor-causatives. With their thick furs and hairs, bacteria can be thriving in their coats making them to smell nasty.

For control of pet odors, only ozone is the safest way to do it. Ozone can also effectively get rid of cat and dog urine stains and ensures good household sanitation.


Restore the Healthy Atmosphere after a Fire

In cases of a fire blaze, furniture and other furnishings would really smell with smoke and fumes making it unsafe for people to resettle after the fire has been controlled. This couldn’t be aided by air fresheners.

Ozone from ozone generators is the most ideal air purifier and freshener to revive stuffs after a fire. Only ozone can restore the previous atmosphere inside a room after the fire totally removing smoke and its awful smell.


Why we should refrain from using bleach and air fresheners?

No matter how much bleaching and air fresheners we would apply, unpleasant smell would still continue to occupy the entire room. Over the counter air fresheners and purifiers may help minimize the stinking smell but to no avail, the smell would never completely go away. The smell of bleach and air freshener combined with the stale air would only worsen the odure inside because the bacteria and molds causing the foul odors are still alive.

Thankfully, there is the ozone generators that answers all problems with regards to stubborn odors that wouldn’t go away. The ozone generators does not only target the unpleasant smell but kills the main cause of bad odors – germs, bacteria, fungi, e coli and molds.

There is practically no type of odor and bacteria that the ozone generators cannot remove. No matter how stubborn the odors may be, the ozone generator is a way lot tougher to eliminate them.

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